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Mike Hume Photography

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Edinburgh, 2003-2005

Boston, 2005-2006

New York, 2006-2007

Bristol, 2007-2010

Los Angeles, 2010 onwards

Cars & Motorcycles

Mike’s YouTube Channel Mike Hume

Whyz LA (coming soon)

Mike Hume Technical Theatre

Events Archive

Events Gallery

Venue Information

Technical Theatre Reference

Colour Changers/Scrollers

Colour Frame Sizes

Connector Pinouts

Gobos & Gobo Holders

Moving Lights

Theatre Photography & Preservation

Auditorium Theatre, Chicago

Bristol Hippodrome

Chicago Theatre

TCL Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles

Egyptian Theatre, Los Angeles

King’s Theatre, Edinburgh

Los Angeles Music Center

Los Angeles Theatre

The Mayan, Los Angeles

Million Dollar Theatre, Los Angeles

Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles

Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles

PrivateBank Theatre, Chicago

Ricardo Montalban Theatre, Los Angeles

San Gabriel Mission Playhouse

Warner Grand, San Pedro

The Wiltern, Los Angeles